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KTES Homework Policy

Four Commonly Assigned Homework Categories

Completion homework – this includes any work assigned during the school day and not completed in class.
Practice homework – this includes any work that reviews and reinforces skills and concepts taught in class.
Preparation homework – this includes any work that prepares students for upcoming lessons or classes.
Extension homework – this includes any work that explores and refines learning in new context or integrates and expands on classroom learning.

Timing, Scheduling and Quantity of Homework

Kindergarten – Homework (other than Home Reading) is generally not assigned to Kindergarten students. There is a strong connection between parental involvement and student achievement. As a result, families are encouraged to engage in early learning activities such as playing, talking and reading together in English or in the family’s first language.
Grades 1 to 5 – There is a strong connection between daily reading to or with elementary children every day and student achievement. As a result, homework assigned in the early grades shall more often take the form of reading, playing a variety of games, having discussions and interactive activities such as building and cooking with the family. In the late Primary and Intermediate grades, effective homework may begin to take the form of independent work. In both cases, homework is assigned for completion, practice, preparation or extension. 

Homework for Extended Absences

Teachers shall not be expected to provide detailed classroom work and homework assignments for students who are away for extended periods of time as a result of family or parent-initiated absences. For absences due to extended illness, parents should contact the school principal to discuss available options.

Note:  Parents reading regularly to their children and students reading daily for pleasure and as part of everyday life is always our goal!