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Virtue of the Month

Virtue of the Month

At King Traditional, we learn about and practice a different virtue each month.  On the first Friday of the following month, one student from each class is honoured at our Student of the Month (SOM) Assembly for exemplifying the virtue of the previous month.  We also acknowledge two students for exemplifying the virtues in PE and extracurricular sports.  These are our virtues for each month:

September:  Respect

We show respect by speaking and acting with courtesy.  We treat others with dignity and honour the rules of our family, school, and nation.  Respect yourself and others will respect you.

October:  Thankfulness

Thankfulness is being grateful for what we have.  It is an attitude of gratitude for learning, loving, and being.  Appreciate the little things that happen around you and within you every day.  Think positively.  Thankfulness brings contentment.

November:  Peacefulness

Peacefulness is being calm inside.  Take time for daily reflection and gratitude.  Solve conflicts so everyone wins.  Be a peacemaker.  Peace is giving up the love of power for the power of love.  Peace in the world begins with peace in your heart.

December:  Generosity

Generosity is giving and sharing.  You share freely, not with the idea of receiving something in return.  You find ways to give others happiness and give just for the joy of giving.  Generosity is one of the best ways to show love and friendship.  It is not just the giving of gifts, but the giving of you to others.

January:  Determination

You focus your energy and efforts on a task and stick with it until it is finished.  Determination is using your willpower to do something when it isn't easy.  You are determined to meet your goals even when it is hard or you are being tested.  With determination we make our dreams come true.

February:  Friendliness

Friendliness is being a friend, through good times and bad.  You take an interest in other people and make them feel welcome.  You share your belongings, your time and yourself.  Friendliness is the best cure for loneliness.

March:  Joyfulness

Joyfulness is an inner sense of peace and happiness.  You appreciate the gifts each day brings.  Without joyfulness, when the fun stops, our happiness stops.  Joy can carry us through the hard times even when we are feeling very sad.  Joy gives us wings.

April:  Truthfulness

Truthfulness is being honest in your words and actions.  You don't tell lies even to defend yourself.  Don't listen to gossip or prejudice.  See the truth for yourself.  Don't try to be more than you are to impress others.  Be yourself, your true self.

May:  Responsibility

Being responsible means others can trust you to do things with excellence.  You accept accountability for your actions.  When you make a mistake, you offer amends instead of excuses.  Responsibility is the ability to respond ably and to make smart choices.

June:  Show us what it means to be a King Traditional Knight

In June, we review all of the virtues and key visuals that have been taught throughout the year.  We expect students to be able to show us excellence in character.

Source:  The Virtues Project:  Educator's Guide by Linda Kavelin Popov